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Era Items

If you love Model A Fords, then one of the things that might interest you is collecting things that were used in that time period. Since Model A Fords were only produced between 1928 and 1931, it is a quest to find things which qualify. Many of us love to browse through antique stores searching for books, toys, clothing, jewelry, anything that would qualify. The Model A Ford Club of America (MAFCA) has done much of the research for you if you are interested. They have a nice thick book entitled Fashion Guidelines.

One of the frequently asked questions among club antiquers is, "Do you think this is era?" Some things are dated very clearly, for instance a coin or a book. I found a U.S. Passport which was issued June 19, 1928. No one can argue that it is not era.

Many times your own family is the best place to get era items. I have my grandmother's Whiting & Davis Co. mesh bag. But is it era? I am satisfied that it is.

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