About Us

Lonestarmafc.com is a group-sponsored website dedicated to loyal fans of the iconic car Ford Mustang Model A series. Needing a place to showcase their awesome collection of vintage as well as newer cars, lonestarmafc brain-thrust decided it was best to go the online route.

This meant better mileage for their publicity requirements. You reach far more people by having online campaigns as compared to the traditional way of advertising or promoting a product like print and radio/tv ads. We are living in a high-tech world, and everybody needs to keep up or else be left behind in the virtual dust of the competition.

As history would reveal, lonestarmafc.com is a visionary endeavor, being the first of it’s kind in this line of business to have a web presence. Very much like our sister website, http://www.vacuumsealerland.com, we aim to educate, inform and please our visitors. Kudos to the forward-thinking leaders of the group to come up with this idea.