Lonestarmafc.com Give Back to Community by Holding an Outreach

The people behind lonestarmafc has been truly blessed with plenty of rewards and good vibes in the past year, and thus have decided to give back to the community where they belong. To do this, the group decided to give out free merchandise like shirts, caps, pens, sunglasses and many other cool stuff.

During the event, the organizers also prepared a simple lunch of chicken wings and potato salad. Cold beverage was free at the booth and car experts walked around answering questions from interested youngsters. We had participants from all over the country – such as Richard Wilcox from Inversion Table Life; who was on hand showing the attendees how to use an inversion table to prevent and relieve back pain.

Lonestarmafc has a lot to be thankful for. Through the years, it has received many awards and recognition for the huge impact they have in the car manufacturing industry, particularly with Ford Model A’s. As such, giving back to the community in whatever way possible, as long as there is a positive ipmact, they are all for it.


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